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No Roses is an emo/rock band based out of Ottawa,ON. Like any local band, their goal is to stand out amongst their peers and let their music speak for them (But of course they need a solid logo to help themselves along the journey). As a musician myself, I love taking on projects that involve music.


Each of the designs relate back to a song on the band's record. Using lyrics and imagery from those songs I came up with a few cohesive concepts to use for marketing and merchandise.

no roses sketches


Merchandise is a great way for bands to make some extra cash (or just pay for their gas to get home) so this was kept in mind while creating the illustrations. Merchanidise printing can be costly so the client wanted the designs to be usable for single-colour printing.

case study 1
case study 2
case study 3


For their colour palette, the client wanted the colours to reflect the band's feminity, so we chose a dark purple as their main colour and a monochromatic colour palette.

colour 1
colour 2
colour 3


For the logo animation, the client wanted something simple that could be placed over a moving background and still be visible.